Back in 2004 IRCHAL developed a document outlining the 6 domains of healthy ageing and longevity.

Each of these 6 domains consists of conveners/co-conveners that coordinate sub-domains, research topics and the associate experts that sit under each domain. 

The 6 domains of Healthy Ageing as outlined by IRCHAL are:

  1. Fundamentals and Maintenance

  2. Care and Support

  3. Policies and Strategies

  4. Repairs and Restoration

  5. Healthy Ageing 

  6. Hazards and Avoidance

IRCHAL is always open to growing our network and adding associate experts under each domain/sub domain to ensure we are providing and collating the most current cutting-edge research. If you wish to be considered as a researcher/collaborator of IRCHAL please contact us via the online form.

These research domains are a result of interdisciplinary collaboration by 200 of the worlds leading researchers and is the basis of the worlds leading knowledge bank on Healthy Ageing and Longevity.
Download the research domains document Here