• International Think-Tank on Healthy Ageing and Wellness

  • Attract research funding and create breakthrough research projects in the              Northern Rivers Region, NSW, Australia with international collaboration

  • Develop and deliver breakthrough programs in health, technology, disability,        holistic education and ageing

  • Develop programs that health providers around the world can be licensed to use

  • Accredited Training Centre for doctors and allied healthcare providers

  • Develop and deliver online education for professionals and medical schools

  • Coordinate conferences, workshops, professional development on health and        lifestyle interventions for healthy ageing and longevity

  • Deliver health care advice and programmes online to a global audience

  • Online subscription service for baby-boomers on health and ageing

  • Develop a wellness and ageing communication centre to include strategies to        engage with existing and new media outlets

Target Audience:

  • Global and Australian health, wellness and healthy ageing practitioners,                  scientists, policy makers and researchers

  • Aged Care Providers and Policy Makers

  • Disability Service Providers and Policy Makers

  • General Public