Early Childhood Centre


  • Document, expand and research therapeutic benefits of engaging older people with young children and early childhood promoting intergenerational connection

  • Offer highest quality eco-friendly early childhood education and care for the community

  • Provide an evidence based model for future generations on how “healthy ageing begins at birth”™

  • Holistic education drawing on the findings and programmes developed by the Research Centre and other available resources

  • Provide evidence based information on eco-friendly early childhood education programmes to promote active healthy ageing from birth and in early childhood

  • Coordinate eco-friendly educational workshops and professional development programs demonstrating how “healthy ageing begins at birth”™


Target Audience:

  • Community and local residents with children wanting to engage in eco-friendly education

  • Residents of the Northern Rivers Region who will benefit from highest quality early childhood education to promote active healthy ageing of children

  • Quality early childcare facility for conference participants and participants in health & wellness programs at the precinct