Community Centre


  • A Specialised Visitor Services Centre with staff to provide information on all of the health and wellness precinct facilities and events

  • Health Tourism Centre including community exercise activities such as yoga, tai chi and cutting edge exercise programmes designed to promote active healthy ageing

  • Arts and crafts education facility – music, sculpture, painting, woodwork, engineering. Providing a path for people to move from being consumers to creators.

  • Community centre with organically grown fresh local produce, casual dining areas, health foods, general store, bakery, local products and arts gallery, exercise and leisure activity store, innovative environmentally sustainable products display and information office

  • Residents, visitors and guests will have walking tracks, bike tracks and electric vehicles to move from the various parts of community to the precinct

  • Community management will organise community events and recreational areas consistent with a healthy lifestyle to attract locals, visitors and guests to the centre and the design will include communal seating areas around fires, water features, and garden lighting to provide a beautiful evening atmosphere, promoting inter-community and inter-generational connection within the precinct


Target Audience:

  • Visitors attending conferences, training programmes, the Integrative Medical Clinic and Health Spa and Centre for Physical Wellbeing 

  • Short and long stay residents of the precinct

  • Health Tourists including specifically designed programmes for corporate attendees

  • Local community